I Can’t Handle This!

“I can’t handle this.”

“This is too much.”

These were common thoughts in my mind when I was going thought the thick of my faith transition.

They seemed TRUE.

I had to step back and ask myself, what else could be true  here?

First off, they really were not true.  I was handling it (I maybe could handle it better, but I was handling it).

Second, they were not helping me stay focused.

They were creating entitlement, frustration and fear.

Those three emotions are not very helpful in building my relationship and taking care of me.

I decided that focus and determination were MUCH more helpful.

I decided to think:

“I can handle this.”

“I can figure this out.”

Do you do this with your faith transition?

Do you tell yourself?

“I can’t handle this.”

“I can’t handle their reaction.”

“Its just too much”

Now is the time to step back and ask – What else can be true here?

Are these thoughts helping you? You are going to to handle it one way or the other. You can handle it by freaking out or you can handle it with some calm.

What emotions do you want to be driving the car of your life right now? I am guessing love, compassion and understanding.
Here are some thoughts to try on to generate those emotions:

“I can handle this.”

“I can get extra help if needed.”

“Others have gotten through this and we will too.”