When my family is at a church event and I choose to stay home I sometimes I have company for these times. GUILT. It likes to creep in and sit by me and whisper things in my ears like, “You are a bad wife” and a bad mom.” “You should be supporting your family even if it makes you miserable.” “They are more important than you and your feelings.”

Do you know GUILT? Not a pleasant fellow.

Sometimes I believe guilt and feel bad. Sometimes, I let GUILT know that I can be a good mom AND take some time off. That I can and am supportive in 100 other ways. I tell GUILT that I can take care of me, and that by taking care of me I will be a happier mom and happier wife. I tell GUILT that people actually do prefer living with happy people instead of miserable people.

GUILT will leave at this point. But I know it may come back, but that is ok. I understand that GUILT visits many people, it is just part of the human experience. I do not need to invite it in for long, but I acknowledge that it comes and goes just like any other emotion.

Do you know GUILT? Life coaching is a great tool to use to recognizes and processing the many emotions that come up in a mixed faith marriage. Recognizing and processing our emotions is critical to accepting life and finding peace. Coaching is a powerful tool to lean and process emotions. If this is a skill you need to further develop, let’s talk. Email me and we can set up a free call to talk about coaching and how to use it to make your mixed faith marriage better than you dreamed possible.

Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth
Life Coach