How emotionally resilient are you in your Mormon Mixed faith Marriage?  

Take the QUIZ to find out. 

5- I believe; 4 – I want to believe it; 3- neutral; 2 – I don’t think I believe it ;   1- I don’t believe 

1. I can make impactful improvements to my mixed faith marriage even if my spouse isn’t interesting in getting help.

 5      4       3      2       1

2. I am emotionally responsible and take time to acknowledge and process my emotions as they arise. 

 5      4       3      2       1

3. I am capable of creating something great in this marriage even if I am not exactly sure what it will look like. 

 5      4       3      2       1

4. My spouse and I can both have different beliefs and still respect each other. 

 5      4       3      2       1

5. I am comfortable sharing what I am experiencing in my faith journey with my spouse. 

 5      4       3      2       1

6. I understand that others get to make their own decisions about their faith and so do I. I am fine with their choices to stay in or leave the church and I am fine making my own choices to stay in or leave the church. 

 5      4       3      2       1

7. I am fine speaking to others about my faith transition (like others in the ward or extended family). There is no shame or concern about their judgement (real or perceived). 

 5      4       3      2       1


35 points: Super Emotionally Resilient. You have got this. Keep doing what you are doing. 

26-34 points: Sometimes Emotionally Resilient. You have done some serious work. Good for you. There is some more work to do that can help create a great mixed faith marriage. A coach may be the perfect fit to get you to 100%

16-25: Not So Emotionally Resilient. There is room for improvement. You will benefit greatly from coaching. 

Under 15 points: Need Serious Improvement in your Emotional Resiliency. I have been there. You can develop the skill of emotional resilience. You will benefit greatly from coaching. 

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