Stress – what you feel when you think you cannot have what you want or need.

Lot’s of people in a mixed faith marriage would agree their marriage is stressful.

It might be because you are thinking:

I need more understanding from my spouse. (You are thinking, “I do not get enough understanding,” or “They refuse to understand,” and this causes stress).

The church has caused me so many problems. (You are thinking, “I need a life not impacted by the church.”) As this is most likely Impossible, it hurts and causes stress.

The feeling of stress is caused by the thought you have (I need more …. I don’t have enough…. I should ….) It is NOT caused by your circumstances (existence of church, spouse refusing to listen to a podcast or read an article).

If it were caused by the church then everyone would feel the SAME about the church. This is NOT TRUE. You own marriage shows you that!

Your stress is not caused by your circumstance it is caused by your thought about your circumstance.

If you are stressed, it is because of what you are thinking about (church, relationship, mixed faith marriages, faith transition, etc)

What are you thinking? Is it helping you? How do you want to feel?

If you are always telling yourself you are stressed out  or your marriage is hard  or this is not working – What is that going to lead to? Most likely, you will find evidence of how you are always stressed out  or how your marriage is so hard.

Do you do this? Is there a lot of stress surrounding your relationship? Is it hurting your relationship or just making you exhausted? You can change all that. 

Coaching is all about mind management and how your mindset really creates your reality (like your stress level). If you are ready to create a new mind set and solve your stress once and for all, we need to talk.

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Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth, JD
Certified Life Coach