Ups and Downs of a Mixed Faith Marriage

I live in Michigan. The weather is a permanent topic of conversation. The weather can be such an emotional roller coaster. Last weekend it was 60 degrees, now is is 35 degrees.

I think mixed faith marriages can feel a lot like this (at least like the weather  in Michigan). We may have a GREAT weekend were the marriage feels like a spring day, full of hope and promise, just like the 60 degree day last weekend. Then one week later we are both hurt and confused. In essence it is snowing (again) and spring is gone and summer feels like a joke.

Sometimes it feels like spring is slow in coming, and sometimes it is. Sometimes there are a lot of snow storms.

What if this wasn’t a problem but just part of the “season” of life?

When I fight the weather, it doesn’t help change the weather. I have learned the same thing happens in our marriage. Getting upset that we are still figuring out our mixed faith marriage does nothing to actually help the mixed faith marriage.

It is so interesting how I make a spring snow storm feel terrible. I also make a disagreement over church feel terrible.

We may not have any power over the snow or over if we are in a mixed faith marriage but we do have so much power over our choice to fight it or accept it. Whether we see it as a problem or just the weather.

I help my clients reframe so much of their thinking around their mixed faith marriage. When they are able to do this, it opens them up to so many solutions and ideas that they just were not able to access before .

When we are fighting against what is happening in our life, we will always loose.

If this is you. We need to talk. You may not like snow in April, but that does’t mean it needs to be a problem. You may not have chosen a mixed faith marriage but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great marriage.

Let’s arrange for a free call where we can talk about your mixed faith marriage and see if we can’t figure out how to make it great.

Talk to you soon,

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Brooke Booth, JD
Certified Life Coach