What is the impact of feeling stuck and disempowered in your mixed faith marriage? 

What is the impact of feeling stuck and disempowered in your mixed faith marriage?

Do you think of the challenges in your marriage as insurmountable or impossible?

Do you think:

-This isn’t worth it

-This will be too hard.

-I don’t know what to do.

-This can’t work.

These thoughts are going to cause you a lot of marriage problems. Let me explain.

All marriages have issues and things that need to be worked through. You can dread doing the work or you can accept it and even find some level of interest in it.

When we avoid challenges or think we do not like them we are doing ourselves a disservice. Life is a series of challenges. They are the parts that actually make life interesting. They make life worth living. They are the part that take our creativity and compassion.

Next time you have a challenge in your marriage. Tell yourself – Nothing has gone wrong here. This is just part of being married and being a human with a spouse. I can handle this.

See what is different this time.

It may not be “easier” but it may be more fun or least more like a puzzle and less like a torture chamber.

Is it time to look at your mixed faith marriage and its inherent challenges differently?

As a life coach I help my clients to deal with their challenges in a way that does not deplete them or the relationship.

Lets talk. I offer free calls to those who need help with their mixed faith marriage.


Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth, JD
Certified Life Coach