My husband and I walk the dog in the neighborhood. Just around the block is a pretty good sized pine tree. The other day as we were passing this tree he commented on how beautiful it was. I was confused. It looked terrible to me. All I could see was the blight. This tree got me thinking about perspective. For my husband this tree was genuinely beautiful. He liked the shape, he liked the size and its majesty. For me, I was noticing the brown needles and lack of green needles. It looked half dead. He was attracted and I was repelled.

We were having opposite experiences with the tree AND we were both right. We were both noticing different aspects and characteristics. This is very similar to how we view the church. He sees an organization he loves that is beautiful, large and majestic. I see the decay and disease. Again we are both right.

He may not care about the brown needles, they do not concern him. I may not care about the shape, it may not concern me.

We are both correct in our view and perspective. We both choose to see the same object very differently. AND we can still enjoy our walk in the neighborhood, enjoy our marriage and enjoy our life together.

I can point out the dead limbs and he can point our the large size. It doesn’t matter. The key is the know that everyone has valid thoughts and feelings and opinion. They are not wrong. They are not a problem. It is just a different perspective.

What if we could look at our mixed faith marriage and not see it as a problem? What if we could look at our spouse’s faith (or lack of faith) and not see it as a problem? What would this change for you?

 I teach mindset work on relationships that can change everything in a mixed faith marriage. If their perspective is OK and yours is OK then it is so much easier to come up with real solutions that work for everyone.

Are you ready to welcome solutions into your mixed faith marriage instead of just focusing on the problems? You need a coach. I am here help. I am accepting clients for one on one coaching right now.

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