A mixed faith marriage provides all sorts of new experiences. Jealousy might be one of them.

Jealousy is a feeling. It means someone has something you want and can’t have. It means some one is winning and you are losing. It usually means that there is not enough to go around and you are left with the short end of the stick.

How this might present in a mixed faith marriage:

Jealous of the church for taking your spouses time and attention.

Jealous of on-line groups that take your spouse’s time and attention.

Jealous of couples who are both in or both out.

Jealous of those mixed faith couples who seem to have figured it out and not be suffering.

Jealous they can afford counseling or a coach.

Where do you experience jealousy?

I used to see other couples where they both left and wanted to be there in my marriage. I wanted my husband change and see things the way I did. I thought I would be happier and things would be easier if that happened.

That was not true. It was just what I was thinking. I could have just as easily looked at another couple and felt inspired or grateful or motivated.

When I chose jealously it made me judge my husband more and feel bad for myself and I sunk deeper into blame and victimhood. When I could look at others and celebrate where they were and what was working for them, I could see possibility and I could feel love and gratitude. You can imaging how I might show up in my marriage when feeling a victim versus feeling gratitude. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Now I love to look at others and choose to be  inspired by what is possible and inspired by their journey and celebrate what they have created.

This serves me and my mixed faith marriage so much better then jealousy.

Do you feel jealous? Do you get upset at what you are missing out on? Do you believe that you would be happier if things just changed in your marriage? Coaching is just what you need. Let’s connect and talk to see just how coaching tools can help you see and feel totally different about your mixed faith marriage.

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Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth, JD
Certified Life Coach