Love Feel Amazing (NOT Terrible)

Love feel amazing. When we are feeing love we act lovingly. 

Often we get loved mixed up with other emotions. We think love hurts. There are thousands of love songs about how love hurts. That is NOT love. They are singing about another emotions: disappointment, fear, anxiety, loss, but not love. 

I see in my clients that they genuinely love each other and want their marriage to be a success. They also feel  a lot of feelings that do not look anything like love. Usually when you are feeling disappointment, fear, anxiety, or loss it means you have stopped loving. 

If you are hurting. You have stopped loving. 

If you are sad, you have stopped loving. 

If you are angry, you have stopped loving.

Now there is nothing wrong with being hurt and sad and angry. Those are normal  and important emotions. I just don’t want you to think you are acting out of love when you are acting from those emotions. Love feels very different than those emotions and creates very different results in  your relationship. 

What most people want in their marriage is connection and love. They want open communication and they want intimacy. Love can create those things. When you are feeling love, it is easy to be vulnerable and honest and open and to reach out and connect even in the face of rejection. 

When you are feeling disappointment and rejection, anxiety or sadness that changes completely. You act differently then when you feel love. This is why is is important to recognize when we are feeling love and feeling something different. If you want certain results in your marriage then you have to create the right environment for the results to be achieved. Fear, disappoint, anger and sadness do not create connection and intimacy.

Are you feeling love? If if feels great it is probably love, if it hurts it is probably somethings else, You need to know this if you want to create more connection otherwise you might end up creating more hurt or anxiety.

Are you looking to learn more about love and looking to create more connection and intimacy? Let’s talk. I help my clients do just this through one on one coaching.