This is so hard!

I don’t even know how many times I have told myself this about my mixed faith marriage.

It is so hard to talk about religion

It is so hard to decide how to teach the kids

It is so hard to connect

It is so hard to understand him/her

It is so hard to communicate

I have had to ask myself and my clients –  Why is hard a problem?

Was it easy before? My marriage was not. It is just a different kind of hard.

What is wrong with hard? People climb mountains and go on challenging hikes and get advanced degrees all the time precisely because they are hard.

Why do we think marriage should be easy?

Easy is kind of boring. Easy isn’t the part of life we savor and remember and talk about.

Its not easy to reach out when we are hurting in our marriage, its hard, but it can be amazing.

It is not easy to reach out for help when we need it, its hard, but it can help.

It is not easy to be patient and communicate, its hard, but is can build a relationship.

Its not easy to talk about hard things, its hard, but it can open doors to greater connection.

Maybe we want our marriage to be hard. Maybe hard is good. Maybe we would be well served to stop making hard a problem and just accept what is.

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Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth, JD
Certified Life Coach