Home Study Course

Maybe you have been in a mixed faith marriage for a while, maybe it is brand new territory, in either case I have something to HELP you in a significant way. 

I have been working with one on one and in groups with clients for a while; coaching and helping them with their mixed faith marriages. I love this work. I love seeing clients transform their marriages and relationships for the better. I love seeing people create amazing things in their lives and in their families – amazing things like more love, stronger relationships, successful difficult conversations, connection, and respect. 

I know not everyone is interested or in a position to hire a coach to work through their Mormon mixed faith marriage. 

To be clear I think having a coach is the best way to get results and strengthen your mixed faith marriage. I also get that it just isn’t what works in every situation. 

With that in mind, I want to tell you about my new home study course. A way you can strengthen your mixed faith marriage under the guidance of a program that takes you step by step through the tools that WORK. 

This home study course was designed specifically for Mormons in a mixed faith marriages and it specifically addresses those circumstances unique to a mixed faith marriage. It addresses topics like enteral families, temple, baptism, garments, tithing and on and on. 

This program is the result of the lessons learned from my own mixed faith marriage, that of my many clients, and  also includes powerful coaching tools. I like to think of it a shortcut to the very best and most helpful tools and teaching you need to be successful in your Mormon Mixed faith marriage.   

Here is a sampling of some of the things you will learn:

-How to create connection even when you may not be on the “same page” when it comes to religion. 

-How to communicate about hard things.

-How to process loss and grief about what has passed.

-How to get past anger, fear and betrayal.

-How to forgive and love without conditions.

-How to set boundaries.

-How to respect each other even if you don’t agree with each other. 

-How to build a new relationship that has room for two different belief systems. 

-How to create new rituals ad tradition to super tyro mixed faith marriage.

Go to – https://brookeboothcoaching.com/strengthen-your-mixed-faith-marriage-course/ to get your course today. I will send you a hard copy in the mail, but you all get immediate access upon purchase if you just can’t wait.

Your marriage is worth it. You are worth it.