3 Tips for a Mixed Faith Marriage (Mormon or NOT)

I recently talked to a protestant (never mormon) friend and she was telling me about her daughter who was dating a Mormon. She was interested in what I do as a coach because she was having many of the same questions as my clients.

How do you raise kids when the parents don’t agree? How about eternity? How about believing your spouse will go to hell?

I was super interested in how fast she pinpointed some of the biggest pain points.

Here are some ideas to consider if you are considering a mixed faith relationship or in one.

  1. You can have  great relationship. Sharing religious beliefs is not mandatory to a great marriage.

  2. All marriages are mixed faith of some sort. No two people see things exactly the same. Even when I was “believing” my husband and I had differing views on parenting and any number of other issues. The mixed faith marriage did not create  the differences, it just highlights them. Differences are NORMAL. You can make the differences mean your marriages is terrible or you can make it mean it is just a normal issue to work through (like a budget).

  3. What do you want the foundation of your marriage to be built on? Many people choose religion, but when that shifts it can be painful to a relationship. What do you want your foundation to be? Love? Respect? Obedience? Temple worthiness? I can’t answer these questions for you – only you can.

If your mixed faith marriage is overwhelming to you, you may need a coach to work through the sticky parts. That is ok. It is ok to get some outside perspective and troubleshoot some areas. Your marriage is worth it. You are too.


Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth, JD
Certified Life Coach