Parenting in Your Mixed Faith Marriage

I talk to my clients a lot about their kids. I am a marriage coach, but kids are often the result of that marriage and are intertwined in the marriage. Parenting is part of so many mixed faith marriages.

Before my faith transition by husband and I had a fair amount of conversations regarding parenting. We had some fundamental differences in our approach and practice. AND we still had kids and showed up did what we could for those kids.

Post faith transition – it seems like the parenting issue was compounded. It is one thing to disagree about spanking or time out and another thing to disagree about ear piercing, church attendance or modesty. Or is it?

I don’t really think it is. Both require the parents to listen to the other and seek to understand. Both require compassion and respect. Both require flexibility and compromise. Fundamentally the same skill set is needed when it comes to making parenting decisions about secular or religious topics. We sometimes forget to use compassion, respect, flexibility and compassion when it comes to a mixed faith marriage (mainly due to our emotional overwhelm).

When we learn how to manage our emotional overwhelm we can often address the parenting issues with more grace and kindness. Coaching can help with this. Message me to learn more.


Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth, JD
Certified Life Coach