Change and Identity Crisis

What do you think of these words?: Development. Change. Evolution. Progression. 

For many people they sounds great and positive.  But when someone we love wants to change or we change we often freak out – WHY? 

We yearn for growth and devleopment. There is something inside of us that pulls us forward. BUT we also FIGHT change and we prefer the status quo even when it is PAINFUL. 

We prefer what is comfortable as opposed to what is for our ultimate good. 

In a faith transition we are often pulled to a new level of understanding and it is scary and upsetting because it is requires us to become someone else. In effect, we have an identity crisis. 

If our spouse is changing – we have an identity crisis for them. 

An identity crisis is part of change. We can resist it and resist change or we can surrender and allow the natural need and drive to grow and become something more. 

It can be less scary to see change as neutral and normal instead of as the crumbling of a past life. 

Recently,  I got new glasses.  It does not mean the old glasses were bad, or wrong or should be stomped onto dust. They just don’t work as well anymore. 

This is what happens to belief systems as well. They serve us, until they do not. There is nothing wrong with us, nothing wrong with those it still serves. We just need new glasses. 

Sometimes we think change needs to be motivated by something dramatic or important. It doesn’t. Sometimes we just need new glasses. 

How do you handle change? Do you need some extra support as you navigate a period of change in your life? 

Email me if you want to hop on a free call and see how coaching can help you deal with change. The call will take about an hour and we can discuss your exact situation and see if coaching is a good fit for you. 

Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth
Life Coach

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