I found this on the laundry room floor. It was from my 3rd grade daughter. She has a big test this week and her teacher provided this reminder. The mint has been consumed, no doubt. It caught my attention (as opposed to the other various papers I also find on the laundry room floor – math tests, spelling lists, permission slips) because of the word commitment.


The word commitment is often associated with the marriage relationship. A faith transition can really cause a re-evaluation of this word. What am I committed to? Am I really committed to my marriage? Here are a few questions that I considered as I thought about commitment and marriage:


  • Do I commit to this relationship if they commit first?
  • Do I commit only if they “behave”?
  • Do I commit if they do not question their faith/or if they question their faith?
  • Do I commit only when its easy?
  • Do I commit when they are willing to listen and be influenced by me?
  • Do I commit when I feel heard and validated?




  • Do I commit because I choose to love them  – no matter what?


Commitment does not mean you are a doormat. In fact, I think it is empowering to be committed. Try it on. See what happens.
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