Decisions to Stay or Leave

It can be a gut wrenching decision to decide to quit church due to a faith transition.

What if you are wrong?

What if you are right? 

Take some time and write down all the reason for staying and for going. 

ALL OF THEM. Be Honest.

(Remember, they are all OK. They are all valid reasons.)

When making a decision, I find it helpful to ask  – Do I like my reasons? 

Look at the two lists. Do you like one set of reasons over the other? 

Here is an example of a list I created for me. (You will probably  have very different reasons). 

Reasons to Go:

-I need a break to think and regroup

-I want more rest

-I am coming home angry every week

-I do not support the policies of the church

Reasons to Stay:

-I enjoy interacting and having a community

-I feel like I have something to offer at church

-I want to hold space for others to feel safe

-I want to support my family 

I also had these reasons to Stay:

-I am afraid of what others will say or think

-I don’t want my husband/parents/others to feel bad 

You will notice these last two are based in fear and manipulation. I try to not make decision based on those reasons. 

Take a look at your reasons. This exercise may help bring clarity why you really do want to stay or go. 

Again REMEMBER- You get to make this decision and you get to make it RIGHT. 

Email me if you want to hop on a free call and see how coaching can help you improve your decision making. The call will take about an hour and we can discuss your exact situation and see how coaching tools can help you with your faith transition.

Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth
Life Coach

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