Complaining About Church?

During my faith transition I would spend many a Sunday sitting next to my husband in sacrament meeting and act as a commentator. For the first time, I saw problems with so many things  and I was letting it all out. I (mistakenly) thought that complaining about it all would somehow help my husband see what I saw. I was wrong. 

Over time,  I realized I was complaining/commenting because I was too chicken to come right out and say what I really believed or really wanted. I really wanted to stay home and not attend sacrament meeting and I hoped the complaining would somehow let my husband know a change needed to happen.

Are you complaining instead of telling your truth?

I still find myself complaining quite often, and have to remind myself that I no longer need to complain or convince, I can just voice my truth. 

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Brooke Booth
Life Coach

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