Lean Into Uncertainty

We love certainty  – many of us crave it. But there is power in learning to lean into uncertainly. It is a life skill worth developing. 

A lot of people try to avoid uncertainty at all costs – but this can leave many rewarding experiences unexplored. If you think about your past experiences you may have noticed that when you pretty much freaked  out about something uncertain that you were totally fine at the end of the day. Maybe you even loved the experience (think of your first day of high school or college).

Often the anticipation is more painful than the actual experience of uncertainty. 

it’s scarier to think about than it is to actually experience.

If we can learn to lean into uncertainty and accept it as part of life  you will be able to accomplish so much more in life and in your relationship. 

 I am guessing you have noticed that a faith transition creates a  lot of uncertainty.

If you think about it, one of the main benefits of religion is the certainty it provides. Mormon marriages provide us a ton of certainty. We even surpass the death do you part certainty of most marriages and promise eternal certainty. This can be hard to let go of. A faith transition can feel very threatening to our eternal marriage certainty. I am not saying you should not believe in eternal marriages. However, leaning into uncertainty can help mitigate some of the fear you may be experiencing due to a faith transition. 

Life is still full of uncertainty  – illness, weather, children, etc.

Its funny that we crave certainty because it is comfortable. However, The more uncertainty you can handle the more comfortable you life will be. 

  • The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.” ~Tony Robbins

So how do you lean into uncertainty. The simplest way is to stop resisting it so much. Accepting that life has uncertainty helps deal with uncertainty. Accepting that your marriage has uncertainty helps deal with uncertainty. Even just being aware of your reaction to uncertainty can help uncertainty. Try it out.

Do you need help figuring this out? Lot’s of people do. After all, if you could figure out how to have a great mixed faith marriage that was full of certainty you would have one! A coach can be a game changer if you are struggling in your mixed faith marriage. I offer a few free calls a week. Grab yours now.

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