So Many Decisions in a Mixed Faith Marriage

Still going to church to support your spouse but you are not sure if staying is a good idea? You are not sure if leaving a good idea? You are basically refusing to make a decision?

What if there was no wrong decision? 

What if you loved the results of staying?

What if you also loved the results of leaving?

Then, what one would you choose?

We often make our choices moral imperatives. Our decisions make us good or bad people. Everything we decide is one mark for our goodness or one for our “badness.” 

This is a very intense way to live life. What if it were simply not true? What if we were good people? PERIOD. What if we are always going to be good people? What if our inherent unchangeable nature was goodness? 

You have choices to make in your life. They do not make you a better or a worse person. You just choose. 

Many people find it very difficult and uncomfortable to make decisions.

When you shift your belief paradigm you shift your decision making paradigm too. 

Often with a faith transition you start in a right/wrong paradigm and shift into a values based way of making decisions. 

Value based decisions means that you evaluate your decision based on your personal values. You choose your values based on those that resonate with you and that you want to be the foundation of your life. Instead of asking if a choice is right or wrong you evaluate if it is in alignment with your values or if it will support your values. 

Are you looking for guidance in discovering your values or want to learn more about value based decision making? 

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Brooke Booth
Life Coach

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