Temple Attendance

Temple attendance 

This is a BIG issue for many people. The temple, recommend and garments are a symbol of Mormon status, of righteousness, of commitment, of covenants, of your marriage, your relationship, your family culture, your community, and your status in your community. Like I said, it is a big deal. Some believe It is your very purpose for being on this earth. Others may see it as a symbol that you are safe or arrived. 

When making decisions around this topic it can be helpful to see how YOU see it. What is the story you tell about the temple? What are your thoughts, feeling, actions around this topic? Everyone will have different perceptions and ideas.

Here are a few examples to consider:

I am afraid of showing up to the next family reunion without one.

I get deep meaning and nourishment from my recommend.

I choose to not support this organization right now.

Notice where you are, notice where your spouse is. Remember that the recommend is neutral. Having one or not having one is neutral until you make it mean something. You can make it mean anything. That is your power. Others can make it mean anything. That is their power. What do you choose to make it mean?

Do you need to talk about issues like the temple? Are you looking for more support? Email me and we can set up a time to talk about coaching and the tools I teach. 

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Brooke Booth
Life Coach

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