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I Can’t Handle This!


How Do You Handle Change?


Emotional Adulthood

Family Church Balance

Sunday Activities

Temple Attendance

Church and Friends

Why is the Faith Transition So Challenging?

So Many Decisions in a Mixed Faith Marriage

Worried What Others Think?

Unconditional Love and Boundaries

We Need To Be On The Same Page (and other lies)

What Story Are You Telling About Your Marriage

How to Deal with an Identity Crisis in Your Marriage

Short Cut To Problem Solving

Keeping the Peace in Your Marriage

How to Decide to Stay or Leave Church

Change and Identity Crisis

What Story Are You Telling About Your Marriage

We Need to be on the Same Page

What Will Others Think!?

Nothing is Ever Wasted

How to Handle Tithing

Unconditional Love and Boundaries

I Statements

Worry Isn’t Helping

Lessons Learned from My Faith Crisis

How Are You Hurting Your Own Feelings?

Are You the Victim or Hero in Your Marriage


Focus on What You Want


Compare and Despair

What Results Do You Want?

Lean into Uncertainty

Are You Asking the Right Questions?


Right Versus Happy – Its Your Choice!

Trust and Betrayal

Why Withholding Love Never Works

What are you Thinking about Your Spouse?

Are You Looking in the Rearview Mirror?

3 Exercises to Strengthen a Mixed Faith Marriage

How to Talk about Hard Things

How Expectations are Killing Your Marriage

Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

Do you Bury, Numb, or React to Your Emotions?

Controlling Your Spouse?

Which Way Are Your Choosing?

Do You Believe You Can Have a Happy Mixed-Faith Marriage?


Is Your Faith Crisis the Elephant in the Room?

The Grief Cycle and a Faith Transition

Thoughts About Your Relationship

Five Things NOT to tell your Spouse who is going through a Mormon Faith Transition

Three Things to tell your Spouse who is going though a Mormon Faith Transition

STEAR Your Life in the Right Direction

Three Things NOT to tell your Spouse about your Faith Transition

Five Ways My Spouse Betrayed Me

Six Steps to Avoid Being a Victim

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