Trust & Betrayal

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The other morning I was doing yoga and Daniel thought he would be cute and show off his yoga moves too and join me. Partner or couples yoga basically looks like two incredibly strong people doing yoga poses together. We laughed how partner yoga looks more like a trust exercise than a workout and I asked, “Doesn’t marriage have enough trust exercises already?”  We got curious about that and started to wonder if you could even have too many ‘trust exercises’?

Trust is an emotion and generated from what we choose to think about another person. Life Coach Kara Loewentheil teaches that you can trust someone and they can be cheating on you and when they tell you the truth and are honest, now you don’t trust them. This goes to show that trust comes from our thoughts about the other person’s actions and not the other person’s actions.

Faith transitions can sometimes feel like a betrayal of trust.

  • They broke their promises (or sacred covenants)
  • They only support me when I ‘believe’, that is not Christlike.

Or maybe there is another way of looking at this, after all trust is really generated from our thoughts about their behavior. Try these thoughts:

  • They trust me enough to share their deepest concerns and thoughts.
  • They trust me enough to be open and vulnerable.
  • I trust them enough to allow them to make their own decisions.
  • I trust them enough to live in their own personal integrity.

It is a simple shift, but can make a huge difference in the quality of your relationship. What are your current thoughts about trust? Are they helping your relationship?

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