What Story Are You Telling About Your Marriage?

My husband loves camping.

I used to love camping. I do not love camping quite like I used to. Pregnancy, babies, nursing, toddlers, long drives with kids, and  feeding kids without refrigeration/kitchen have fundamentally altered my opinion of camping.

I can love my husband even if he still loves camping. He can love me, even though when we got married I loved camping and now I do not. We can still have a great marriage even though I choose not to go camping with him over Labor Day Weekend. He can respect the fact that my opinion about camping has changed. I can respect that his has not. 

For some reason when we replace camping with church, we think this changes EVERYTHING. It doesn’t have to. Religion can be just like camping. 

It is the story we tell ourselves that makes it more, that makes it different. You can tell another story. You can take down the charge, so church is like camping. 

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