Why is the Faith Transition So Challenging?

The average human thinks 60K thoughts a day and many are repeats from yesterday and the day before and the day before.

There is part of our brain the does not like new thoughts as it usually means more work and trying something different.  The brain LOVES efficiency. It loves maintaining the status quo. The brain encourages us to stay inside the comfort zone and avoid trying anything different. 

This is one reason a faith transition is so challenging. You are freaking out because your brain would very much prefer if you would just keep doing what you have always done. Your family would too, so would your ward, bishop and mom. You are pretty much outnumbered.

BUT there is another part of your brain that wants NEW, and different and better.  This part wants you to evolve and change and progress.This is the prefrontal cortex, the executive decision making part of the brain. 

These competing parts of our brain are why we call a faith crisis a crisis. It can be intense. 

It is up to you what part of the brain you follow. Neither is better.

In order to allow the prefrontal cortex to take the lead we need to develop new neutral pathways or in other words, new ways of thinking. It takes time, diligence and commitment. But they will form. This is neuroplasticity. We can create new thoughts and new belief systems, which means we will be new creatures with new results. 

The secret is to keep practicing new thoughts, recognize old thought patterns that may not be serving you and deliberately create new ones. 

You get to choose what you will do and what you will choose to think.

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Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth
Life Coach

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