Worry Isn’t Helping

Do you worry about your future and your marriage and your spouse and your in laws and your parents and your siblings and your kids? 

Worry is one of those emotions that pretends to be necessary. It really just stops us from being happy and having fun and being ok with life. 

Experiencing emotions is a necessary and important part of being human. Processing emotion and accepting they are part of our existence is important. There are a few emotions that are indulgent, they serve no useful purpose, they do not protect us or heal us or warn us, they just eat away at our contentment and joy in life. 

Worry is one of those unhelpful emotions. 

Think about it, when has worry prevented something bad from happening or caused something good to happen. What is the upside of worry? There is none. 

Worry just erodes our equanimity and peace of mind. 

If you are anything like me, when faced with a faith transition – worry showed up BIG TIME. I worried mostly about what others might think. What will they think about me, my family, my spouse, my kids, my shoulders, my church attendance, my choices? It goes on and on .

I remember attending church at Christmas as a gift to my husband. The whole time I worried – What is my husband thinking about me? What is the  bishop thinking about me?

It was suffocating. 

Probably they were thinking about themselves, that is what people do! 

You can indulge in the worry cycle or you can think about something else. It is just that simple. I said simple, not easy. 

It takes work, practice, awareness, and discipline. The human brain likes to worry. You can train your brain to not worry. Or not worry as much. 

Interesting in getting some extra help in reigning in your worry cycles? Email me to arrange a 60 minute free coaching call to see if coaching is a good fit for you.

Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth
Life Coach

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