3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Mixed Faith Marriage

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THREE Exercises to Strengthen a Mixed-Faith Marriage

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Looking for some relationship help? Are you or your spouse experiencing a faith transition? Are you in a mixed faith marriage? You are in the right place.

  • Are you or your spouse going through a faith transition?

  • Do you feel like you can’t talk to your spouse about your faith transition because it will cause too much pain and sorrow?

  • Do you feel betrayed by your spouse?

  • Do you feel like you did everything right, how can this be happening?

  • Does it feel like your marriage may not be able to survive the pressure and stress of the faith transition?

  • Are you disappointed that your spouse does not seem to understand you or even accept you anymore?

Do you want to make some MAJOR changes in your relationship?

Have MAJOR changes forced you to reevaluate your relationship?

Do you want to:

  • Figure out how your marriage and the faith transition can actually co-exist?

  • Experience a major turnaround in your relationship?

  • Stop blaming and resenting your spouse?

  • Stop avoiding your spouse?

  • Experience a renewed connection and commitment to your relationship?

  • Experience a renewed or increased passion and intimacy?

  • Believe in the ability to have a THRIVING marriage no matter the circumstances?

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