I was born to active members of the church and am the 4th of 9 children. I was blessed as an infant by my father, baptized on my eight birthday. I earned all the necklaces and certificates offered to girls and young woman. I attended early morning seminary, graduated from BYU and served a full time mission in the Philippines. Shortly on my return I met and married Daniel in the Detroit Temple. Together we have four children with ages ranging from 5-15. I have served in the Primary and YW presidencies, as early morning seminary teacher and institute teacher as well as countless other callings. Before my faith transition I was an orthodox member of the church in every sense of the word. I currently work as an attorney in a commercial litigation firm and my favorite thing to do is to hang out with Daniel.

My faith transition was challenging on our marriage. We both tried therapy and coaching. Both were very helpful but we were really able to take the tools we learned in coaching to settle into our “new” relationship with a bit more grace and dignity. It is not a secret that the relationship is still vey much a work in progress, but all relationships are evolving to some degree or another.

I decided I wanted to train as a life coach and help others navigate this potentially dicey time. There is a way through! It really only takes one person willing to do this work and BIG results can be achieved.