Loving Your Mixed Faith Marriage – On-Line Course 90 Days to Fall Back in Love Again


What We Cover In the On-Line Course

You will develop a comprehensive set of tools to really transform how you approach and interact in your LDS mixed faith marriage so you can feel more love and show more love no matter the circumstance.

You will learn these skills to help increase the love you experience:

-How to let go of the FEAR of being in a mixed faith marriage (yes, its possible)

-How to have hard conversations without anger or withdrawing

-How to make decisions together that honor both partners

-How to communicate directly and clearly

-How to not react from out of control emotions

-How to use your emotions to create the relationship you want

-How to move on from the grief and pain from a faith transition

-How to set goals that build your marriage

-How to create a new foundation for your mixed faith marriage

Here are the details:

-Life time access to the full course so you can return at any time for a review and refresh!

-Access to the core video modules, worksheets and bonus modules

-Access to my full workbook Loving and Strengthening Your Mixed Faith Marriage

-Access to ASK A COACH where you can submit questions for feedback from a coach

-The course works well for either individuals or couples- both are welcome and both will benefit. You DO NOT need to join as a couple.

-Your membership is 100% confidential


Believing You Can Have a Great Mixed Faith Marriage  – Here you will uncover and look at your current beliefs around the faith transition and mixed faith marriage. If you think it’s going to be very challenging then it will be. You will be guided to create a new way of looking at your mixed faith marriage.

Dealing with your Feelings (Part 1) – This week you will learn why your feelings matter (and they REALLY do) to your mixed faith marriage and how to actually process your feelings so they do not overwhelm or sabotage you.

Dealing with your Feelings (Part 2) – You will take a deeper dive into your feelings and discuss common mistakes people make when dealing with their feelings. We also take a closer look at how grief plays into a faith transition and mixed faith marriage.

Communication: Inner and Outer Work and Knowing your Preferences – This week you start working on communication. Communication is a set of skills. Here you learn about the framework for effective communication and the foundation skill of knowing your preferences.

Communication: Direct and Indirect Communication– Communication skills build on each other and this week you will learn about direct and indirect communication (think passive aggression). We apply these skills directly to issues in a mixed faith marriage.

Communication: Difficult Conversations and Decision Making – You will learn more communication skills such as how to have a difficult conversation and how to make decisions as partners. You will learn this under the frame work of managing your own thoughts and emotions about your mixed faith marriage.

Value Based Decision Making – This week you will build on the decision making and communication  skills you have been developing. You will learn about your values (not necessarily what you think they are) and your spouse’s and use these as the foundation for your mutual decision making. This provides you with a fail proof way of making family decisions.

Codependency – Here you will learn about dealing with blame and how to stop being emotionally dependent on others so that you can mange fear, control and resentment. We will use real life examples from mixed faith marriages.

Boundaries and Requests – A boundary is put in place to preserve and strengthen a relationship. This week you will learn how to use boundaries and requests to build and protect your relationship and not to control others and not to defend yourself.

Manuals and Love – You will learn some things you are doing that are stopping you from feeling and acting from love in your relationship and how to change that so you can feel better and act better.

Forgiveness and Your New Story – Here you will learn a step by step process for forgiving in a way that is validating and empowering.

Relationship Goals – This week you will learn how to set relationship goals in a way that really works so you can keep improving your mixed faith marriage.

Parenting topics are sprinkled through out the whole class and discussed regularly.

Bonus modules are also included on very specific topics and frequently asked questions.


Q. Can my spouse access the course too?

A. YES! Please share your credentials with your spouse.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. $1500 - this gives you LIFETIME access to the course which includes regularly added bonus modules and access to Ask a Coach.

Q. What if my spouse isn't interested?

A. This course is set up to use for your own self paced, self development. It is also set up to be done together as a couple. There is no right or wrong way of doing this work.


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Brooke is a phenomenal coach. She helped me to understand myself and my marriage. I have so much hope for us because of the skills she has helped me develop through our coaching calls. I am more confident making decisions and staying true to myself and others. One of my goals when I started the coaching sessions was to be more authentic, she has helped me tremendously with that goal. I know I have so much more to practice, but with her workbook as my guide I know I can and will make my mix-faithed marriage better than ever. I feel like a new partner to my husband of 23 years. Thanks so much, Brooke.

Anne C.

It was very important to me to get coaching from someone who understood the culture and doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Brooke’s background allows her to effectively coach both believing members of the Church and those who no longer identify with the Church. She really understands the emotions and complexities of mixed faith marriages and offered great tools and support to both me and my wife. I was particularly impressed with how she was able to make both me and my wife feel like she was sincerely rooting for each of us individually and as a couple. I highly recommend Brooke for those working through mixed faith marriage issues.


I highly recommend working with Brooke as a life/faith transitions coach. Few things have been easy in my faith transition/mixed faith marriage, but Brooke has helped me over the past 5 months to find a path to inner peace. That peace doesn't have to be dependent on my spouse, rather I can choose each day what I want to create independently of outside factors over which I ultimately have no control. Brooke helps me to recognize that there are often more ways to approach a particular problem than I could have identified on my own. Some of those solutions can be way more beneficial than my own natural thoughts. She helps me reframe my thoughts so that I can accept my emotions or feelings. I catastrophize problems much less now as a result of our work together. I look forward to our weekly phone call and am excited when I am able to put into practice the things that I have learned from her. While the end resolution of my mixed faith marriage is still very much in question, I feel confident that I am doing my part to create a newer and better relationship and I am grateful that I've been able to work with Brooke through this process.


Working with Brooke has been life-changing. The way that she has gently, but firmly helped me reframe my thoughts, and helping me to see things in a different way, has enabled me to see a path to save my marriage and preserve my family. Understanding feelings, processing them, looking for neutrality and the tools of communication I have learned are beyond priceless. Thank you Brooke.


Working with Brooke really helped me see how my thought patterns were contributing to my misery around my faith crisis and my mixed faith marriage. I now know that The only person I can change is myself, and that is more than enough! I’ve been able to use the tools she has taught me to successfully navigate the messiness of not only my mixed faith marriage, but other areas of my life. Thank you Brooke!