Has a faith transition created marriage problems?

Does it feel like there is just no good solution?

I believe the only thing stopping you from having the marriage you really want is a lack of skills. You may need different skills for you mixed faith marriage than you needed before. There is not a fundamental flaw in you, your spouse or your marriage. You may just be missing a few skills that can help you in this new phase of your marriage.

There is a solution to the disconnect you are feeling in your marriage. You can learn to accept yourself and your spouse where you both are right now, no matter how far apart you think you are today.

The work we do together will create the foundation for a whole new marriage. One that is based on connection and respect. REALLY.

Let’s get on a FREE call, with zero obligation, and find out what is going on in your mixed with marriage and see if coaching is the tool to help you do that.

It may seem impossible today that you can have a great mixed faith marriage. If I can do it, you can do it. It may seem like it will take forever or cost a lot. Coaching is a BARGAIN compared to the cost of disconnection, continued struggle, and divorce. Doing this work will be an investment that you benefit from for years to come.

If you want to learn more about coaching all you need to do is schedule a free call.

Reach out for a FREE call and we can start improving your marriage today.

What my clients say:

I highly recommend working with Brooke as a life/faith transitions coach. Few things have been easy in my faith transition/mixed faith marriage, but Brooke has helped me over the past 5 months to find a path to inner peace. That peace doesn’t have to be dependent on my spouse, rather I can choose each day what I want to create independently of outside factors over which I ultimately have no control. Brooke helps me to recognize that there are often more ways to approach a particular problem than I could have identified on my own. Some of those solutions can be way more beneficial than my own natural thoughts. She helps me reframe my thoughts so that I can accept my emotions or feelings. I catastrophize problems much less now as a result of our work together. I look forward to our weekly phone call and am excited when I am able to put into practice the things that I have learned from her. While the end resolution of my mixed faith marriage is still very much in question, I feel confident that I am doing my part to create a newer and better relationship and I am grateful that I’ve been able to work with Brooke through this process. -J.D.

About what I do:

  • I help members (or former members) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rebuild their marriage impacted by a faith transition and make it better than ever.
  • I teach tools that help you reconnect and communicate in effective ways.
  • I help you decide how you want to show up in your mixed faith marriage and help you become that person.
  • I show you the power you have in this marriage and how to harness that to create a great relationship.
  •  I help  you process your faith transition so you can heal your marriage.

FACTS About Mixed Faith Marriages

  • While it is true there are unique challenges to a mixed faith marriage, it does not mean your marriage is doomed or not capable of being great.
  • You marriage can in fact be stronger and better because of the faith transition.
  • It only takes one wiling person to make a relationship better.
  • Coaching is an effective tool to help strengthen a marriage after a faith transition.

What to Expect:

I am offer one and one coaching and a course for individuals who need to turn around their marriage impacted by a faith transition. You can expect to:

  • Experience a major turnaround in your relationship.
  • Stop blaming and resenting your spouse.
  • Stop avoiding each other.
  • Develop the ability to talk about the challenging issues (really!).
  • Renewed connection and commitment to your relationship.
  • Renewed or increased passion and intimacy.
  • Ability have a THRIVING marriage no matter the circumstances.

Working with me 1:1 includes:

  • One on one weekly calls (60 minutes).
  • DEEP dive into your mixed faith marriage to uncover and address the causes of your marriage issues.
  • Plus weekly assignments.
  • A relationship workbook just for Mormons in a mixed faith marriage full of exercises and lessons.
  • CLICK HERE to schedule a call to learn more about 1:1 coaching with me.

Working with me in my Course includes:

  • Video Modules covering the skills you need to have a strong marriage
  • Teaching on 12 skills fundamental to creating great mixed faith marriage.
  • A relationship workbook just for Mormons in a mixed faith marriage full of exercises and lessons
  • Bonus modules on specific topics (regularly updated)
  • ASK A COACH where you can submit questions at any time on any topic
  • CLICK HERE to learn more about my course .

What Brooke’s Clients have to say about working with her: