Loving Your Mixed Faith Marriage Course


Course Content


  • Introduction

Module #1 – What You Believe About Your Marriage Matters
Your brain and beliefs are impacting your marriage, here we talk about how your beliefs and thoughts maybe stopping you from having the marriage you want.

Module #2 – Decide on Purpose What You Want to Think and Feel About Your Mixed Faith Marriage

Module #3 – Emotions Matter In Your Mixed Faith Marriage
Emotions and feelings need to be understood because they fuel your actions. If you don't like your interactions in your mixed faith marriage you need to understand your feelings.

Module # 4 – Emotions Part 2 (Because they really do matter)

Module # 5 – Communication (Internal & External)

Module # 6 – Communication: Direct and Indirect

Module # 7 – Communication: Difficult Conversations and Decision Making

Module # 8 – Value Based Decision Making (as a couple and as an individual)

Module # 9 – Codependency (Yes, this applies to you)

Module # 10 – Boundaries and Requests

Module # 11- Instruction Manuals and Love
Instruction Manuals and Love

Module # 12 – Forgiveness and Write a New Story

Module # 13 – Create the Results You Want in Your Marriage

Workbook – Loving Your Mixed Faith Marriage

Ask a Coach- Ask a question about the course or an issue in your marriage. You will get an answer in 2-3 days.
Ask any question and a response will be posted within the week.

Bonus Module: Religious Discrimination