111. Intention and Impact in a Mixed Faith Marriage

Most of the time our intention is very good in our mixed faith marriage. We want what’s best for our spouse and we love them. However, we stop there and do not look closely at the impact of our words and behavior.

Good intention does not nullify bad impact.

In this episode I give some examples of language that is probably from a good intention but may create a bad impact.

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110. Self Care

Self care is a bit of a cliche but also essential.

A mixed faith marriage and a faith transition are not light lifts. They can be really intense.

Are you taking care of yourself?

In this episode I talk about the four pillars of self care:

1. Boundaries

2. Self Compassion

3. Value Based Decisions

4. Self Empowerment

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108. Mixed Faith Marriage Panel Discussion: Alcohol

Suzette Halterman (@SuzettelHaltermanCoaching), Chris Rich (@ChrisRichCoaching) and myself (@BrookeBoothCoaching) continue our conversation on mixed faith marriages. The combined insight of three coaches all in their own mixed faith marriages provides many invaluable insights.

In this episode we discuss: Alcohol.

We address some of these questions:

Why is alcohol such a hot topic/ scary?

How to communicate about alcohol?

Tips for those you drink and those who do not drink… and much more.


105. This is not how its supposed to be

I hear two phrases on the regular in my coaching practice.

This is not what I signed up for.

This is not how it’s supposed to be.

I want to suggest that you are right. This is not how it’s supposed to be and not what you signed up for.

AND staying in that mindset is like staying in waves that keep crashing you against the rocks.

Here I talk about leaving the “supposed to’s” behind if that makes sense to you.

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104. Mixed Faith Mastermind – Connection

Chris Rich, Suzette Halterman and myself are starting a series where we combine our knowledge, expertise and experience to help you in your mixed faith marriage. In this first installment we talk about connection.

-What connection means?

-How to create more of it?

-What types of connection exist

-Is there a certain balance of connection and disconnection you should aim for?

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102. Suzette Halterman a Couples Expert

Here I interview Suzette Halterman a colleague in the mixed faith marriage coaching world. Suzette is an expert in couples work. In this podcast we talk about a few things:
-Her passion for couples work and training
-The difference between individuation and differentiation
-One of her favorite tools (spoiler its speaking and listening)
-Difference between coaching and therapy
-Her own story of her mixed faith marriage
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103. General Conference

General Conference can be a tense time in a Mormon mixed faith marriage. We used to spend the weekend chilling on the couch and playing bingo with our kids.

Then it became this tense time where everyone was on eggshells.

It doesn’t have to stay that way. In this podcast I walk you though some questions to help take a more intentional approach to conference weekend.

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