How Do You Handle Change?

A faith transition means change. You are questioning everything. This is actually a good thing. Often we get stuck in thought patterns that are not useful. It is helpful to question things.

Our spouse may see this and become concerned. Afraid that maybe you will throw out the baby with the bath water. Maybe you are concerned you will throw out the baby with the bath water?

Here are three things to consider when navigating change:

1. Recognize human development is part of the package. We embrace the idea of child development, but now you are an adult it does not mean you are done growing and changing. Far from it. It can be super helpful to see change as a normal and natural part of just being a human adult on the planet.

This thought helped me a ton. At times, I was questioning my sanity and when I could tell myself it was just me being a human it helped!

2. Take it slow. Sometimes we rush into change and do not think through all the ramifications. There is no need to rush through change ever.

I told my husband I was thinking about not attending church way before I actually stopped. He needed the time to process things. I needed the time. There is NO RUSH.

3. Make sure you like your reasons. When we make decisions that bring change we sometimes do this out of reaction, fear, frustration. I like to make sure I make decisions out of thoughtfulness, love, and self care. It can be helpful to ask what is my reason for making this decision/change? Then if I like it I go for it, if I don’t, I dig a little deeper.

Questions to ask-

Are you acting out of hurt or empowerment

Are you acting out of self care or guilt?

Are you acting out of fear or compassion?

Change is always challenging – even good change. It is just how our brains are wired. So be gentle with yourself. Change will happen. NO MATTER WHAT. You can go gracefully or kicking and screaming. Its up to you.

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Talk to you soon,

Brooke Booth
Life Coach