86. How to Fight

Fighting can be a huge problem in a mixed faith marriage and it can be an excuse to avoid talking about important topics. Here I discuss various definitions of fighting and question what type of fighting is harmful and what type may be helpful.

85. Relationship Bill of Rights

A relationship bill of rights can be a tool you use to strengthen your mixed faith marriage and open the door to communication on some challenging topics. In this episode I give you some examples of rights you might include in your bill of rights.

84. Why I Hate Motherhood and Its Impact on My Marriage

This may not be an easy episode for some of you. However I hear regularly about women who struggle being mothers and feel so much shame around this struggle. This impacts the marriage . It has impacted mine. Here I talk about the real struggles some women face and how that can impact the marriage and offer some words of advice from my own experience.

83. Tools for your mixed faith marriage

Here I share about my newly revised free mini course. It’s been expanded and improved in so many ways. The mini course includes sections on (1) why you are withholding love (often the cause of pain and disconnection after a faith transition); (2) getting clear on what you can control (when trying to repair or address relationship issues we tend to focus on things that are out of our control and get frustrated at our lack of success); (3) communication; (4) boundaries; and (5) reconnecting. Get your copy here:  https://mailchi.mp/f636131af5ce/mini-course


82. I Didn’t Sign Up For This

I didn’t sign up for this is a common response to a mixed faith marriage. In this podcast I give a little tough love to you if this is where you are at. I also talk about how you might be beating yourself up for being the one who changed the program in your marriage. Both positions can prove painful and unhelpful.

81. Discrimination

Religious discrimination is not an easy topic but it can have a real impact in your mixed faith marriage. Accepting the presence of discrimination and deciding how to manage it can be a game changer.

80. Emotional Bids

In this episode I talk about why connection in a marriage sometimes decreases after a faith transition. This is often because emotional bids are not met with a positive response. By being aware of how you are responding to emotional bids you can really start to address disconnection.

79. My Mistakes

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my Mormon mixed faith marriage. When we can own our mistakes, we can learn from them. Here I talk through some of my mistakes and the lessons I’ve learned.

78. The Long Game

I consider a Mormon mixed faith marriage and parenting in a mixed faith marriage to be a long game. What I mean is that I am looking for impact and results over decades and not just today. When I make choices around my mixed faith marriage I like to analyze that decision from a long game perspective. I also explain why it’s so easy to just show up with a short term approach.

77. Conflict Tolerance and Conflict Intolerance

A LDS mixed faith marriage means the two partners have a conflict of opinion. Conflict is present. Learning to tolerate conflict is an important skill to develop in a mixed faith marriage. Here I talk about some reasons why we don’t develop it and the cost of underdeveloped conflict tolerance.