68. Trying New Things

A faith transition can prompt one to want to try new things- coffee, alcohol, tank tops, etc. In this episode I talk about some emotions that come up when we try new things and one thing to try to help address the fear around trying new things.

66. Uncertainty

If you have experienced a faith transition/crisis you have probably faced uncertainty. Here I talk about one way to frame uncertainty so you can keep moving forward in your life.

65. Simple Tools

I love having tools to use in my mixed faith marriage. They help me show up with more confidence and capability. Here I share some simple tools to help your mixed faith marriage. Choose one and master it. Then you can add another and another.

63. Emotional Cupcakes

Sometimes we indulge in emotional cupcakes in our mixed faith marriage. These are the little hits of dopamine we get when we prove a point or land a jab or point out an inconsistency. Emotional cupcakes are all about being right over being happy.

62. The Holidays

Many wonder how to celebrate a religious holiday if you don’t believe in the same religion. In this podcast I teach you a tool to help look at the holidays in a way to help your mixed faith marriage.

61. Role v Relationship

When a marriage is based in roles a faith transition can be very disruptive to the marriage. When a marriage is based on relationship a faith transition is not so bumpy. Here I explain roles versus relationships so you can evaluate your marriage.

61. Managing Your Spouse’s Emotions

When we are managing our spouse’s emotions it tends to be because we don’t want to deal with their emotional reactions and/or we think they should not experience negative emotions. However, trying to emotionally regulate our spouse is not the foundation for a great long term relationship.