50. Essential Elements of Communication

Here I break down four skills you need to be a good communicator. Communication is vital in any relationship and it is complex. Communication is really a combination of several tools and skill sets. Here I cover the four basic pieces needed to be a good communicator.

49. Complaining

Complaining can erode away at your relationship. Here I talk about how to recognize if complaining is an issue in your marriage and give you a complaint audit process.

48. Boundaries Part II

Here I revisit boundaries. This is a deep dive into the different types of boundaries and how to know what is a boundary violation for you so you know if you need a boundary.

47. Enmeshment

Enmeshment, differentiation, individuation, boundaries and codependency have been a part of my Mormon mixed faith marriage. They may be part of yours too. Here I walk through these concepts and talk about how they may present in a mixed faith marriage.

Talk with my Husband

Daniel and I sit down and talk frankly about our mixed faith marriage as we mark 5 years into my faith transition and 4 years of not attending church.

44. Codependency

Codependency shows up a lot in a Mormon mixed faith marriage. I used to think it didn’t apply to me because I came from a great family. I was wrong. Here I give you my definition of codependency and tips on how to recognize if it is at play in your marriage.